Jack Kruf

Equoi 'Sensibly Serene'

    • Equoi has been designed from the ground up, inspired by the design of the pawn, the lowest rankedpiece on the chess board.
    • Equoi 'Sensibly Serene' represents the state of sensibility of being 'cool tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.' (Pantone®, 2016)
    • Overall print size 19 * 19 cm with 1 cm white board on all edges.
    • Hahnemühle German Etching fine art paper. 
    • This product has the colour Pantone® Serenity, being one of the two colours of PANTONE Color of the Year 2016.
    • This print will ship within 10 days after order.