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Jack Kruf

At this fine art studio Q-Dock, Jack explored new ways how to express impressions and perspectives related to city governance as form of art and with daughter Michelle Kruf from there in the broader domain of graphic design. 

He was born in Halsteren, The Netherlands, in the landscape where sand & clay, high dunes & polders, salt water & freshwater, seas and lake, grasslands & forests, catholics & protestants poor & rich, and high & low tides meet on the treshold of the provinces of Zeeland and Noord-Brabant in the Northsea Delta.

After gymnasium bèta in the city of Bergen op Zoom, he qualified as a chartered classic pianist and followed a Masters Degree at the Wageningen University and got qualified as a Chartered Engineer in Forest Ecology, Social Psychology and Management (cum laude). He is certified as 'authentic' at the Public Domain Institute in Utrecht and followed online courses in design thinking at Darden Institute West-Virginia University, navigation at Harvard University and Designing Cities at the University of Pennsylvania.

He was project and program management posts in the private sector before transferring to Director in the City of Breda (1994) and Chief Executive/City Manager to the City of Roosendaal (2000). In 2012 he returned to the private sector at WagenaarHoes Consultancy and personally founded governance studio Governance Connect and with Michelle Kruf the online store Q-Dock for fine art and graphic design. 

He served for three decades the public domain at the interface of politics, government, management, citizen and society. He made and makes a significant contribution to the professional network for risk management and governance (PRIMO) in the Netherlands as well as in Europe (now as President) and was a member of the Executive Committee of the European Federation of Local Authority Chief Executives (UDITE).

Specialities: Leadership and change, public sector strategy and governance, project and risk management, regional development, private and public sector partnerships, marketing and positioning, coaching, transformational change and international networks.