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City Codex

The City Codex is mainly inspired by the sciences of ecology and public administration. The codex relates to governance of the city ecosystem in analogy with that of forest ecosystem. The codex contains guidance on essential components, cycli, factors, processes, relations and roles of the city ecosystem.

The origin of the concept codex can actually be found in the forest. It is derived from the Latin caudex meaning “trunk of a tree”. The trunk is where two worlds meet in the binding principles of life, that of ‘above ground’ and that of ‘under ground’. The trunk is where all traffic from earth (upwards) and air (downwards) are combined within an ingenious transport system.

The City Codex in fact is the set of 'building blocks' used in the The City Ecosystem. These are explained and described separately. They can be bought and used as cards for use in diagnosis, dialogue and education, related to public governance.

All cards are available in fine art paper print Hahnemühle William Turner. This paper is matt watercolour textured and highly tactile, a genuine mould-made paper in both look and feel. They are

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