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Tools for design

Tools for design

There are many ways to describe, measure, define and express what you see. Moods, compositions and impressions demand an advanced palette of media to be precise or focused, in a mix or stand-alone. An overview of tools, media and formats for imaging and designing.


We believe in the power of colour. We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to get accurate design and description. In the graphic design, PMS is our standard. 

Graphs & charts

In city theories and surveys comes forward that for measuring and ordering the state of the city in graphs and charts

Mood board

Are key expressing with images, texts and colours to point to a collage or palette of feelings and expressions to point mood and atmosphere. Or to send the message.


One picture says more than a thousand words. We use professional camera's such as Nikon 750D and Leica Q, with full frame sensors and quality lenses to get the best impressions. 


We use for an individual codex element the 1*1 field, for expressing an alliance a 2*2 field banner and for governance the 4*4 field diagram.

To more extended mapping we work form the 8*8 field 'chess-board' to  express dosages (i.e. the present weight, mass or power) of a component  related to the considered topic, as well as their roles and maturities.

To express numbers we work from the 32*32 field canvas or higher. Counting the numbers of components to insights leads to insight in the active population related to the considered topic.

For structures we use within the canvas other artistic forms,  shapes and transects. The latest is a fixed path along which we count and record occurrences of the parameters of study. We use horizontal transects, as seen from space, as well as vertical transects, as seen from ground. 



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Public Value
Public Value

Public value is chosen to be at the very heart of the City Canvas. It is something that desirable, worthwhile, important and is considered as main driver for and influencer of decisions we make.
City components
City components

Every ecosystem can be conceived as a set of interactive subsystems one level lower, from the highest level to the basic components, being organisms such as plants, animals and humans.
Ecosystem City™
Ecosystem City™

To compare the forest and the city ecostem is quite challenging. To find possible analogies is even exciting. Well, a city, can be, like a forest, considered as a community of living components...